VDA 6.2

If you are a service provider to the automotive industry, such as a dealership, a logistics company or an engineering office, how can you demonstrate your organization’s high performance level to your (potential) customers, now that ISO/TS 16949 is no longer available outside of series manufacturers?  The answers is: with VDA 6.2.  

VDA 6.2 is unique in the field of automotive service provision, because there is no other global standard that allows external and internal service providers in this industry to demonstrate their excellent quality to a knowledgeable clientele.

  • Automotive supply chain
  • Process capability
  • Service
  • Evidence of quality

VDA vol. 6.2 is suitable for your organization if you provide services to the automotive industry that influence the quality of their products, i.e. as a freight forwarder, service garage, or engineering office. This standard’s requirements focus not only on the quality of your customer orientation, but also the continuous improvement of your internal service provision, such as purchasing or development. The structure of VDA 6.2 parallels that of ISO 9001, making it easy to develop your ISO 9001 quality management system further. The German standard was created in 1997 and thoroughly revised and adjusted to ISO 9001:2015 in June 2017, when the current third issue was published. There is no international standard similar to VDA 6.2.

  • Steady further development of your customer service
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Focused emphasis on error avoidance
  • Continuous improvement of your corporate strategy
  • Industry-specific evidence of quality
  • Significant increase of your competitive ability

Your organization will undergo the classic DQS assessment process, starting with system analysis (Stage 1) through system audit (Stage 2) to certificate issue. After the annual surveillance audits, a recertification audit takes place after three years.   This needs to be scheduled early enough to allow sufficient time for closing of non-conformities through implementation of corrective actions (about eight weeks between the last audit day and expiration of the certificate). Possible follow-up audits need to be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the certificate’s expiration date.

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