Are you a company in the cargo and logistics industry who wants to keep goods secure in the supply chain and is looking for independent verification of your ability to do so? Then TAPA is the right standard for you!

The cargo and logistics industry is facing a growing problem of cargo crime, particularly thefts of high value assets. With TAPA, you can reduce your risks, liability and costs while strengthening your reputation and legal certainty.

  • Cargo Security
  • Logistics
  • Theft-Targeted Goods
  • Loss Reduction

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) developed the international TAPA FSR (Facility Security Requirements) and TAPA TSR (Trucking Security Requirements) standards for companies involved in the transportation, storage and handling of cargo. TAPA FSR sets minimum standards for secure, protected storage of high-value assets. TAPA TSR, for its part, contains requirements for the secure transportation of these goods. 

  • Improved protection of high-value theft-threatened goods
  • Systematic reduction of liability risks and security threats
  • Effective, focused security based on a systematic, risk-based approach
  • Intensive training and awareness building of possible threats 
  • Strong competitive edge and reputation boost from greater transparency and customer confidence
  • Potential for synergies with standards such as ISO 9001 or EU GDP

In an audit, we assess security areas against a special TAPA checklist. A TAPA FSR audit mainly revolves around processes, camera and security systems, access control systems and warehouse and premises security. With TAPA TSR, the focus is on processes, internal process management, security equipment installed in the truck (tractor and trailer) and the presence of special communications infrastructure. The certificate documents your compliance with all the requirements. Once certified, you are required to conduct annual self-audits until recertifying in the third year. TAPA can ask to view the results of self-audits. 

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Competence Center Logistics (CCL)

DQS has concentrated all its industry expertise and passion for the sector in the CCL. The CCL’s mission is to advance the professionalization of logistics providers and support the pivotal role that logistics plays in the economy. The CCL closely watches growing challenges in the transportation market and develops auditing solutions for market players such as the Qualified Carrier standard. 


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