As a manufacturer of vehicles and as a supplier of parts, components or systems subject to Type Approval within the automotive supply chain, you need to have the appropriate type approvals from the German Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority, KBA).

The requirement for this is the performance of an initial assessment, followed by regularly returning conformity assessments. As a KBA designated "Technical Service", we have the automotive expertise you need to fulfill German road traffic laws (STVR).

  • German KBA
  • Automotive supply industry
  • Conformity evaluation
  • Type approval

In order to receive KBA Type Approval, you need to undergo an initial assessment followed by regularly recurring conformity assessments. These measures are designed to evaluate whether a manufactured product conforms to the Type Approval issued, or whether the steps taken by the organisation provide sufficient reason to expect that the manufactured products are equivalent to the approved ones.  After the Type Approval has been issued and series production started, measures ensuring conformity in agreement with the test samples are required. Type Approvals can be issued in accordance with the regulations for the EU area (EU Directives) and in accordance with UN ECE regulations (ECE Directives); for parts also in accordance with national regulations (Sections 22 and 22a of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

  • Internationally recognized proof of your quality assurance measures in the form of an ISO 9001 certificate and an addendum to said certificate with reference to the KBA.
  • Certain proof that your products conform to the properties assured in the approval.
  • Continuous improvement of your processes and quality of results.

In order to receive Type Approval, an initial assessment must be carried out beforehand, where your organisation provides evidence of how it intends to manufacture in conformity with the approval and how it intends to fulfil its duties as a future approval holder. After the approval has been issued, we verify regularly whether your quality management system is effective, and whether it continues to be suitable to ensure the conformity of the manufactured products with the approved type. If the result of our verification process is positive, you will receive the appropriate confirmation of conformity in the form of a DQS certificate. This certificate shows that your organisation conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001 as well as any additional requirements relevant to the Type Approval.

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