ISO 14001

Are profitability and environmental responsibility mutually exclusive? Not with an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001. It can help you improve your environmental performance, gain legal certainty, minimize risk and, best of all, communicate your performance to everyone.

ISO 14001 certification is a visible, globally recognized sign of responsible, sustainable management. It’s proof that you live up to your environmental commitments.

  • Environmental Performance
  • Compliance Obligation
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Sustainable Management

The ISO 14001 environmental management standard was first published in 1996. The current version, ISO 14001:2015, came out in September 2015 following a comprehensive revision. It introduces requirements imposed by the new high-level structure for ISO management system standards as well as several updates specific to environmental management. The environmental changes relate to essential aspects such as product lifecycles, adherence to compliance obligations (with regard to interested parties), measurement of environmental performance and – last but certainly not least – achievement of your own environmental objectives.

  • Continual improvement of corporate environmental protection 
  • Internationally recognized proof of good environmental practices
  • Better public image from documenting your sustainable management practices
  • Deeper understanding of the requirements of interested parties
  • Systematic examination of risks and opportunities  
  • More legal certainty and less environmental risk

As a qualified, accredited certification body, we fully audit the effectiveness of your management system through the classic DQS certification process. We plan each certification individually, adapting it to your specific circumstances and corporate objectives. A pre-assessment can provide a starting point to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. During the certification audit, we come to your facility to verify whether you meet all the requirements of ISO 14001. The certificate serves as proof of compliance. Annual monitoring ensures process stability and minimizes risks. You can recertify after three years.

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CSR Reporting Duty

EU Directive 2014/95/EU requires publicly traded companies of a certain size to submit a sustainability report starting with the 2017 financial year. CSR reports are required to cover climate/environmental protection, communities, employees, suppliers, products, services and customers in a format that will be meaningful to your organization’s interested parties. It is therefore wise to follow recognized standards such as GRI G4 or AS1000.