You want to integrate social, ethical and environmental considerations as well as respect for human and consumer rights into your business strategy. But how? Simple: Apply IQNet SR 10, the international CSR standard.

This standard, which is based on ISO 26000, provides the tools to implement globally recognized CSR principles at your organization and achieve certification – a key selling point for your stakeholders.

  • Sustainability Management
  • Social Responsibility
  • Fundamental CSR Principles
  • Stakeholders

The internationally recognized IQNet SR 10 standard guides organizations of all sizes and industries in incorporating the fundamental principles of corporate responsibility into their daily business and documenting them transparently for outside observers. It is based on ISO 26000, but translates the guidance provided by the international standard into concrete requirements. IQNet SR 10 requires compliance with seven principles that characterize a socially responsible management system : accountability, transparency and ethical behavior as well as respect for stakeholders’ interests, the rule of law, international norms of behavior and human rights.

  • Worldwide acceptance from documenting your social responsibility
  • Sustainable management system achieved by implementing social, environmental and business aspects
  • Greater trust and loyalty among all your stakeholders 
  • Long-term improvement in competitiveness 
  • Economic success with a smaller environmental impact 

IQNet SR 10 applies to all types of organizations regardless of size or location. To become certified, you undergo the classic DQS certification process from system analysis to system audit up to the award of the three-year DQS certificate. Annual surveillance audits provide added incentive to continuously improve your management system. You can recertify after three years.
Note: Our auditors are not only familiar with the international standard requirements, but also know the local language and national employment laws for your audited site. 

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SA8000 – Meeting Human Needs

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