Do you see environmental management as part of your corporate philosophy? Do you want to demonstrate to your stakeholders just how environment-friendly your organization really is?  Then you should implement an environmental management system in accordance with the EC Eco Regulation No 1221/2009*. The visible EMAS registration also promotes trust among the general public.

In order to achieve EMAS registration, your organisation will need to prepare an environmental statement and have it validated by an authorized environmental verifier. The validation includes an environmental audit for the continuous improvement of your environmental performance according to ISO 14001.

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  • EC Eco-Audit Scheme
  • Environmental statement
  • Validation
  • Improved environmental performance

EC Eco Regulation No 1221/2009 (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) was first published in 1993 and revised in 2010 (now called EMAS III). A partial update took place in 2017 because of the revision of ISO 14001:2015. As of 31 December 2016, a total of 1225 organizations and 2111 certificates were listed on the EMAS-Register. EMAS provides your organization with a perfect basis for an effective environmental management system and our own environmental statement. For example, in addition to the continuous improvement of your environmental performance according to ISO 14001, EMAS also includes regular validation of your environmental statement (published as a report), as well as an environmental audit by duly authorized environmental assessors.

  • High public visibility of your environmental commitment  
  • Officially recognized evidence of responsible management
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance
  • Noticeable reduction of environmental risk  
  • High degree of trust and loyalty among your stakeholders
  • Allows for consistent expansion and strengthening of your market position  

In preparation of the validation, you will first need to conduct a review of all environmental aspects in accordance with the rules of EMAS (environmental review).  Based on these results, you then implement a suitable environmental management system. After you have prepared the environmental statement, our environmental assessors can verify the process used for the review and its implementation. The final step is the validation of your environmental statement by the environmental assessors. If this was successful, your organization can become registered in the EMAS register by the respective Competent Body in their member state. Specific surveillance intervals will be determined according to the size of your organization; the usual cycle is three years.

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All of the EMAS assessors appointed by DQS GmbH are also qualified for ISO 14001. Subject to audit duration and following the successful conclusion of your EMAS validation, you may also receive an accredited, internationally recognized certificate according to ISO 14001.

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