CSR Risk Assessment

Do you want proof that your sustainability activities have effectively reconciled business, social and environmental concerns? If so, then the CSR Risk Assessment is right for you.

Our CSR Risk Assessment looks at compliance and risk management in the supply chain. Its key success factors: a credible commitment to sustainability and the engagement of relevant stakeholders.

  • 360° radar
  • Maturity assessment
  • Risk management
  • Social responsibility

The CSR Risk Assessment looks at your organization’s actual requirements. We begin by identifying your risks in a 360° radar and distill the sustainability standards that apply to your market into relevant issues and requirements. This process focuses on one key question: what do customers, interested parties and the market want? Once we have the answers, we feed them into a client profile that describes the selected requirements as well as where your organization currently stands. We then evaluate and confirm compliance with these requirements in the on-site phase of the CSR Risk Assessment later on.

  • Improved transparency from following internationally recognized sustainability standards
  • Worldwide acceptance of your activities by certifying your compliance with these standards
  • Greater certainty about the sustainability of your operations 
  • Widely recognized certification issued by a highly regarded certifier 

A CSR Risk Assessment is a two-phase process. In the first phase, we identify your current and potential risks in a materiality analysis, establish where your organization currently stands and determine which sustainability requirements apply to you. It is then up to you to take suitable action to close gaps between your actual and desired maturity levels. In the second phase, we assess your compliance with the selected requirements in an on-site visit. If you pass, we issue a certification that, if you wish, can contain a score indicating your organization’s maturity level. The certification is valid for one year and can be renewed annually through regular reassessments.

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ISO 50001

Is your organization doing everything it can to conserve natural resources and lower energy consumption? It’s not just good for the environment; it can lower your tax liability as well. Plus, satisfying legal requirements provides extra confidence and peace of mind. The best place to start: a comprehensive ISO 50001 energy management system. 

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