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Is your company legally required to publish a sustainability report? And do you want your report to be certified based on an internationally recognized assurance standard? Then AA1000AS is the choice for you.

An AA1000AS assurance statement confirms the reliability of your sustainability report and ensures that your sustainability management includes all necessary facts and interested parties. 

  • AccountAbility
  • Sustainability Report
  • Verification
  • Variable Assurance Standard

AA1000AS is a global standard developed by British organization AccountAbility for verifying sustainability reports. It sets out a framework for assuring the reliability of your sustainability reporting and is the ideal choice for companies interested in close dialog with stakeholders. AA1000AS adherence depends on three principles: inclusivity (focused, systematic involvement of your stakeholders), essentiality (identification of relevant issues for your organization and stakeholders) and reactiveness (conscientious response to stakeholder concerns). You determine the scope (module type) and intensity (two levels) of our assurance engagement.

  • External assurance by an internationally recognized certification body 
  • Considerable credibility of your organization’s governance 
  • Systematic inclusion of your stakeholders and all necessary facts 
  • Assurance statement recognized by major rating and ranking agencies such as DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)

Through interviews and document reviews, we verify your sustainability report’s adherence with the three assurance principles. The scope of our audit varies depending on your choice of module. The Type 1 module is mandatory and unalterable. It includes the evaluation of your sustainability management activities, particularly the way you engage with stakeholders. The Type 2 module is optional and requires the completion of a Type 1 assessment. In this case, we evaluate published sustainability information that is vitally important to stakeholder decision-making. Our assessments take place at your organization’s headquarters but may include random checks at other locations. The assurance statement is valid for one year.

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The international GRI Guidelines represent the perfect tool for preparing a sustainability report, with specific instructions for implementation. The principles and indicators included in the standards help you capture and properly present your organization’s sustainability performance. 

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