In all DQS audits, independent industry experts inspect your management systems and processes, assess their compliance with certain established requirements, identify their strengths and discover untapped potential. But before starting the audit, they first want to understand what you expect to gain from the audit.

With this understanding in hand, paired with their knowledge of the industry and standards, our auditors supply organizations of all types and sizes with exactly the information they need to make sound decisions and effective improvements.

Our audits are multifaceted and apply different criteria depending on your objectives – from national and international standards to compulsory laws and directives to your customers’ requirements or even your organization’s own internal goals. Regardless of whether you come to us for a certification or process audit or for compliance, supplier or integrated system audits, you can draw on our full range of audit services and certifications in order to permanently and significantly improve your organization’s performance regardless of your business sector.

Certification Audit

An accredited certification audit is an integral part of a three-year certification cycle.Its main goal is to verify your management system’s effectiveness and conformity with international standards or regulations. But it can do much more. A DQS certification audit can also drive the enhancement of your management system. After the audit, you’ll possess in-depth knowledge and a deeper understanding of your organization and can target your improvement efforts for maximum impact.

The DQS certification process begins with us learning more about each other and sharing some initial information so we can draw up a meaningful offer. We then sit down with you to set out the objectives of the audit and/or certification along with the standards and regulations that you are interested in. As we map out these objectives, we make sure to consider your organization’s unique circumstances, special processes and your management system’s maturity level.

It’s often helpful to begin with a pre-assessment, also known as a pre-audit. It gives you a sense for the maturity level of your management system and identifies potential obstacles to your certification at an early stage. In larger audit and certification projects, a project planning meeting has proven to be a valuable opportunity to meet your lead auditor and develop a customized audit program.

In the onsite system audit (Stage 1 and Stage 2), our auditors verify that your management system conforms to all the requirements of the appropriate standard.  Next, they conduct a system evaluation and write up an audit report. The DQS certificate serves as proof of compliance. Annual surveillance audits support process stability and minimize risks. You recertify after three years.

Of course, a DQS certificate is more than just proof of compliance. It’s a tangible symbol of your capabilities. It’s something you can take pride in. So feel free to share this accomplishment with employees, customers and other partners. Let them know that you excel – with the internationally protected DQS certification symbol. Put it on your letterhead, brochures, website, company vehicles, trade show stands or advertisements.