Around 800 DQS GmbH auditors work onsite worldwide on 27,500 days a year. They are joined by another 1,700 auditors all around the world to make up the DQS Group’s global network. What ties these experts together is a shared philosophy and performance standard as set down in the DQS Good Audit Practice.

Some DQS auditors are specialists; some are managers. But they’re all seasoned professionals with extensive practical experience and deep industry knowledge that cuts across all branches of industry, public administration and healthcare. They understand the challenges you face because they’ve faced them themselves, know how to appraise your company’s processes, have the perceptiveness to recognize strengths and spot weaknesses. Their profound standards knowledge usually spans multiple standards, enabling them to audit and improve integrated management systems in combined assessments.

Our auditors take their responsibility to our customers seriously and work to form a close, productive partnership in which they contribute their considerable technical and methodological expertise and uncompromising integrity. They engage in discussions as equal partners, scrutinize management systems carefully and provide a holistic understanding of people, processes and results. They point out opportunities for improvement and provide guidance for decision-making processes. With their valid feedback, they embody the external viewpoint that is so valuable to your organization.