CARA - Audit report application

Important DQS Information: Migration to CARA mandatory from January 1, 2021

IATF has developed a new audit documentation tool under the name "CARACommon Audit Report Application". The main purpose of this application is to harmonize the audit documentation, which was previously handled individually by the certification bodies. In the future, the audit documents will be created, edited, saved and used in a standardized manner. All IATF auditors around the world, will document the audit results worldwide on a common platform, regardless of which Certification Body they work for.

CARA is a browser-based application from IATF that does not require any additional software to be installed in your company. The application is also not connected to any server or cloud. All created and imported audit data is stored exclusively in the internal database of the individual user’s browser, which can also be accessed offline (without internet connection). This in turn requires that the user only works with this one browser, because no other browsers can access it.

The use of the new application is mandatory for all IATF audit procedures from January 1, 2021, even if you are already in the middle of an audit cycle. We provide down below Frequently Asked Questions so that you can better understand CARA.

If you have any questions, the support team, which has been proven since the introduction of the audit manager, is available via help desk at auditmanager(at)dqs.de or by phone at +49 69 95427-555. Programming-related topics or more serious problems are also collected there and passed on via the second level support of DQS Holding GmbH to the VDA QMC.